The Global Online Summit for Early-Stage Women Entrepreneurs
Are You Ready to UpLEVEL Your Business? 
  It's All Happening HERE April 23rd - 27th!  
Join  20 entrepreneurial experts from all over the world as they pour their expertise and VERY actionable tips to UpLEVEL your game into your business! 
  •  How do I develop a brand I love and that makes me stand out?
  •  How do I attract the right type of clients into my business?
  •  How do I sell with authenticity? 
  •  What do I need to consider if I want to scale?
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See Who's Speaking at the UpLEVEL Together Summit?
Monday, April 23rd
Ginny Townsend
What Does it Mean to UpLEVEL (And How Do We Actually Do That!)?
Chandra Lynn
Developing a Powerful Brand You Love
Dora Altintas
Packaging (and Monetizing)Your Expertise 
Jos Hanan
Creating Your Power Networking Team!
Tuesday, April 24th
Christine Volden Pereira
Jumpstart Your Business... Create an Online Course!
Heather Kreiser
Selling with Authenticity as a Woman
Kate Hanley
How To Be Your Most Productive Self
Sheryl Bernstein
The Law of AttrACTION
Wednesday, April 25th
Angela Chee
You Amplified! Get Camera Ready
Paula Rizzo
Getting Booked By Media
Dr. Amanda Kemp
How Diversity Will Help You Grow
Harmony Oswald, Esq.
Creating a Scalable Business Model
Thursday, April 26th
Erin Yuen
Build a Business You Can Take Anywhere
Amanda Townsend
Create Company Culture that Attracts the Best Talent
Carrie Gallant
How to Negotiate Like a Woman
Lisa Anderson
The Cloning Effect: 3 Steps to Shift From I to We
Friday, April 27th
Elisa James
Develop Your Voice, Build Your Business
Dr. Heidi Forbes-Oste
Master Your Relationship with Technology
Mary Sheila Gonnella
Eating to Power Your Most Valuable Entrepreneurial Asset (You!)
Kathy Roberts
Successfully Being a Right-Brained Entrepreneur
▼  Here's What You'll Be Learning!  ▼
  •  How to create a brand that really resonates with YOUR audience
  •  How to package and monetize your unique expertise
  •  Step into your authenticity as you SELL
  •  Why the Law of AttrACTION is so powerful
  •  How to be camera ready so you can get your message out there
  •  "Get-booked secrets" that can help you secure more media
  •  How to build a business you can take anywhere in the world!
  •  Why now is the right time to build your company culture
  •  How to negotiate like a woman!
  •  The 3 shifts you need to take to go from "I" to "WE"
  •  How to build a scalable business model
  • And much, much more!
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the UpLEVEL Together Summit really free?
Yes! You can watch all the free session interviews with every speaker when they go live from April 23rd to 27th, 2018 at no cost. There are opportunities to upgrade your learning experience, which you'll learn more about after you register.
Who is the UpLEVEL Together Summit for?
The UpLEVEL Together Summit was designed specifically with the early-stage woman entrepreneur in mind. Whether you have an idea for a business and you're not quite sure how to bring it to life, or if you're just starting out and starting to see how much you still need to figure out, you're in the right place! Personal note: Ginny here, the founder of UpLEVEL Together, and I firmly believe that some of the best and biggest solutions to problems we're currently facing are already solved in the minds of amazing women entrepreneurs all over the world, and if these bright women find the resources, tools and community to bring their solution to market, our world will literally be a better place.

So, if this at all resonates with you, jump in! We've created this just for you!
Hi! I'm your Summit Host, Ginny Townsend
I Help Early-Stage Women Entrepreneurs Grow & Scale Their Businesses!
Ginny's vision is "All Women Living Bigger Lives." Helping others see their potential is a common thread in her more recent career. Her current role as Founder of UpLEVEL Together, where she serves early-stage women entrepreneurs with powerful trainings on how to win their strategy, implementation and inner games. This work is a natural extension of her heart, wisdom and talents.

With over a decade in strategic marketing, she's helped organizations of all shapes, sizes and industries draw out their unique gold, as well as, understand the areas in which they've been holding themselves back in the marketplace.

Ginny hosts a weekly podcast called UnSabotage with Ginny Townsend and she curates top-notch educational and motivational events for women entrepreneurs (just like this one!) in San Francisco and in Silicon Valley. A lifelong learner, Ginny is currently working on her MLA in Finance at Harvard Extension School. | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Disclosures | All Rights Reserved